Oregon Art Beat (OPB) - April 2005

One person describes the sound of the band, Amelia, as "swank." It's definitely a retro sound that takes you to another place and time. This band may be young, but the members have years of experience that add up to great entertainment with their original songs.

Amelia, Miss Michael Jodell, Amoree Lovell
Worried that Sade is a little more cheesy than seductive? Take your hip hottie to see Amelia and keep your credibility intact. This local combo plays torch music for modern lovers. You wouldn?t think three former members of the Flatirons could make music this delicious. While the Flatirons were a terrific old-school country band, they didn?t exactly ooze sexiness. After hooking up with lead singer Teisha Helgerson, this once-twangy crew pasted together jazz, country and ethnic folk to create songs that are pretty enough for the mainstream but eclectic enough for tastemakers to savor. The new record, ?Por Avion,? finds the band polishing its beguiling sound, while its live show is one of the hottest around.
-Cortney Harding