Performing Songwriter - June 2004

"Sultry and sophisticated cabaret pop with just a whisper of twang that flits in and out like a friendly ghost. The music of Amelia is a staggeringly cool exercise in understatement."

"Made up of former members of alt-country act the Flatirons and fronted by the honey-voiced Teisha Helgerson, the band Amelia inhabits a lush mid-tempo world of vibrato guitar, electric piano, organ and miles and miles of wide open space. The cool, dark environs of their songs evoke Cousteau, Bacharach, Weill and Waits just as easily as they conjure Gillian Welch, Natalie Merchant and Edith Piaf (particularly on the standout "Et Vous.")

"The band's alt-country background steps to the fore on tunes like "Last Pariah" and "Happy After All," where they're allowed to swing wide and easy. These songs mesh seamlessly with the subtle and charming ambience that saturates this highly recommended album."

Clay Steakley