Metro Santa Cruz - October 2005

"Hear that, Matt? Single coils, baby!? proudly proclaimed guitarist Scott Weddle as he swapped through pickup settings on his Telecaster before launching into another oddly inflected excursion into Amelia's blend of '60s pop, Ecuadorian vamps, and country & western slide guitar. Fronted by Teisha Helgerson, whose haunting voice reverberates around you skull long after you've left the venue, Amelia has amassed a collection of songs that would require way too many hyphens to adequately describe. All I know is that echo effects are liberally utilized over acoustic guitar, Pink Floyd's "Fearless" might show up in a set and there is a mid-'50s Supro lap guitar in the band. Also former local Michael Papillo is in the band on bass. The Attic; $10; 8pm.

Peter Koht

This Portland, Ore., quartet plays light, retro, coffee-shop jazz pop?a perfect fit for the Norah Jones era we inhabit. Subtle, yet substantial, singer Teisha Helgerson interprets the songs of guitarist Scott Weddle and bassist Jesse Emerson with gentle elegance. Resolute on ?Better Than Sleeping Alone,? the spare arrangement provides just the right support. A walking bass line and drum shuffle carries the listener forward, while bluesy guitar creates less-certain psychic space.

The French lyrics of the ?Et Vous? add to the sense that the song originated in a bygone era. ?St. James? uses piano to create a dark tone, while Weddle?s intense electric work gives ?Blackbird Pie? an intensity not heard on the majority of After All. Most importantly, though, Amelia offers its songs up to frame the lovely voice of Helgerson, a good idea for all concerned.