Metro Santa Cruz - May 2005

Like their fellow Portlanders in Three Leg Torso, Amelia has mined the entire world of music to augment their moody and melancholy northern soundscapes. Their blend of pop music combined with the sensual sounds of South American torch songs is a touch of genius. This band, built around the voice of singer Teisha Helgerson, creates intricate and oddly simple arrangements of songs that sound half way in between the work of Lhasa and the Tin Hat Trio. With some hints at the French chanteuse tradition and more than a healthy dose of old time jazz, this is a band with one foot in chamber music and the other firmly placed in the club world. The Cayuga Vault is the perfect setting to see such an intimate and amazing group. Cayuga Vault; $12-$15; 8pm. (Peter Koht)


Portland-based country/jazz/folk band Amelia orchestrates joyfully gloomy sounds via cinematic balladry, torched country stylings and melancholy pop. Frontwoman Teisha Helgerson evokes the likes of Patsy Cline, Joao Gilberto and Sade, singing several of her songs in Spanish. It?s a bilingual, countrypolitan act that only Portland could produce.
-- Garaj Mahal